A natural light family portrait shoot at the park

Such a fun shoot with this gorgeous girl. She was a little shy about having her photo taken so I am so pleased to have caught her looking so relaxed and happy.  It is often the case that children and even adults are a little nervous about having their photo taken.  

My job is to make everyone feel at ease and have a fun time on a family portrait shoot.  On my shoots, things always end up going fine and dandy when everyone realises that it is good fun.  I don't ask anyone to do anything embarassing or that will make them feel silly- see the testimonials from my clients here http://www.deborahpendell.com/your-comments about how they felt about the shoot.  

Because my approach is to get lots of candid shots so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves, some of the loveliest shots are when the subject is not even looking at the camera and they are unaware that they are having their photograph taken...this is what gives my photos such a natural feel.  I also really like taking shots where the subject is just looking at the camera-sometimes this is so much more powerful.  Images where people are laughing and not doing cheesy smiles work can so much better....you can tell especially in children if the smile is real because if the smile is forced, the eyes are not smiling at all and it is a big no go!! I do some gentle direction during the shoot to make sure that the tick list for the family is met but even then, things are kept as fun and natural as possible.

I will post some of her gorgeous brother on this blog at some point too....he was very keen to take some photos himself and was very interested in my camera so I was lucky to get him the right side of the camera. Take a look at my portraits gallery for other images http://www.deborahpendell.com/portfolio/family-photography


if you are interested in a fun family portrait shoot, drop me a line here http://www.deborahpendell.com/contact

Family photo shoot, East Anglia