A new book cover through Arcangel Images

So exciting to see this finally happening. It became an ambition of mine a year or so ago to have a photograph of mine turned into a book cover.  So I had to study the market a bit and learn some new photography and editing techniques....pretty tricky sometimes when you are your own IT department! Anyway, I am pleased to say that I finally managed to do it! It took time and I wondered whether it would ever happen because you just don't know what the designers are looking for- there is definitely a bit of luck involved.  

So here is the book cover which is for sale in Holland so I may have to see if I can order it through Amazon. Sadly even if I do manage to buy it, I won't understand it because its in Dutch....maybe Google translate can help!

I have tried to translate the title and it comes out something like "The Man who was in a Hurry"....giving nothing away then!

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