Top tips for your iPhone photos!

We all love taking photos with our phone.  Its so easy and you always have it with you and they really are pretty good on-the-go cameras.  I thought I would give you some easy tips for taking and editing your iPhone photos...apologies to those who don't have iPhones, however, there may be android versions of the same Apps available.

Some basics first.

1.  Which part of the photo do you want in sharp focus?

When you are about to take a photo, you will see a yellow square on the screen telling you where it is focussing.  If you want another part of the photo to be the main focus of the shot, touch that part of the screen and focus will shift to that spot. 

2. Exposure-how bright or dark do you want the photo?

When you touch the screen to pick a focus spot, you will see that at the side of the yellow square, a little yellow star shape appears.  This is your exposure control- slide this star up and down and you will see the image on your screen go lighter and darker-pick whatever suits your taste!

Another thing to remember is that wherever you pick to focus on by touching the screen, your iPhone camera will also work out the exposure based on that focus point.  So if you touch to focus on a black horse, everything will suddenly go really naff and bright because the camera is tricked into thinking that it is a really dark scene- that's where the little yellow star button comes in really handy....swipe it downwards.

3.  Zooming in on the action

Most of you will know this but for those who don't, you can zoom in when taking your photo by using two fingers together on the screen and spreading them outwards. When you do this, give the camera a second or two to refocus.  Personally, I try not to use the zoom too much because camera phones do have their limitations and it sometimes spoils the quality of the photos....much better to zoom with your feet! Move closer if possible.

4. Get a photo editing App

Your iPhone camera can do a small amount of editing but you can have much more fun with an App.  There are loads of Apps on the market such as Afterlight, VSCO and PS Express.  My go-to App is PS Express which is by Photoshop but Afterlight is great because it has loads of preset edits you can play with.  

PS Express is a really easy to use App and can make your photos look soooooo much better.  It costs about £1.49 so it won't break the bank.  If your photo comes out too dark or too bright you can use the exposure sliders, you can lighten shadows, lower highlights, remove red eye, increase the vibrance of colour.  You can crop your photos and make your horizon straight in your landscape shots (a very common problem). You can even use the Defog slider to reduce that weird white cloudy glare iPhone photos sometimes have.  Its really easy and you can have a bit of fun with the preset effects found by selecting the 3 linked circles button. When you have finished your edits, choose "Save to Camera Roll" and you have a gorgeous new photo.

Remember, photography is very subjective- have fun and turn your photos into whatever takes your fancy.

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