Fine art portraits and super duper Lightroom

Having an amazing day editing my recent shoots with the superbly talented Ed Sheeran on repeat in the background.  I had heard he was good....I am now hooked!

I once saw a post on Facebook that was very true about how photographers spend their working time.  People usually think that they spend about 90% of their time taking photographs and about 10% of their time editing.  The truth is probably about the exact opposite of that! Even basic tweaks and finishing touches are time consuming, let alone the time it can take to do super groovy things in Photoshop for some of my fine art book cover photography.  Take a look at my fine art portfolio here Fine Art Photography

I usually do 90% of my editing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which is an amazing bit of software and does not cost the earth.  A photographer friend put me on to it in the very early days and I am forever grateful and always recommend it to others.  You can download it here Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  It can do pretty much all of the editing you will every need to do unless you want to start blending photos for example to put a dog's head on the body of a cat!  It also works as a brilliant and extremely clever filing and collections system.  Take a look!

Anyway, until some of my other edits are ready, I thought I'd post a handful of fine art portraits that I did with my live-in muse the other day.  My muse usually only sits for me following a negotiation involving chocolate or pocket money! These images are all taken using just natural light with some editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.  I hope you like them x


Keep an eye out for my next blog about my recommendations for Apps for editing Iphone photos.

Rock on Ed!


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