My Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Invitation to Awards Evening!

Very exciting news to announce!  I am a finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015 Competition and this is my invitation to the Awards Evening.  I have had to keep this a secret for about 2 months so it is great to be able to finally announce it! 

Obviously I have eagerly accepted this invitation so on Wednesday next week my husband and I will be trotting off to the Mall Galleries in London to drink champagne and perhaps even to accept an award!  Of course, if I don't get first, second or third prize, I will be disappointed but I will still be extremely proud to have got as far as this.  This competition attracts amazing food photographers from all over the world and the competition receives thousands of entries so I am pretty happy!

After the Awards evening, my finalist image will be showing in the exhibition at the Mall Galleries from the 7th to the 10th May if anyone happens to be in London that weekend. Admission is free. Click on this link for more details:

Mall Galleries exhibition

In last year's competition, I was shortlisted and received a Commendation but did not get to the finalist stage so I am delighted that I have already got further this year.

Thank you to all those who voted for my photos in the People's Choice Award in this year's competition. I don't know who the winner is- it will be announced at the Awards's a long shot but you never know! It could be me!!

The shortlisted gallery is now on line so you can see the 3 images I had shortlisted in the Bringing Home the Harvest, An Apple a Day and Food in Action categories:

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to take some IPhone shots while I am at the Awards Evening so keep an eye on my Facebook page on the 6th May for any quick snaps I manage to upload.  This is the link to my Facebook page:

I have more competitions in mind this year so keep an eye on my blog for any interesting developments. 

Wish me luck!

Food Photography Deborah Pendell