It's cherry blossom time is the garden

I just love this time of year in the garden.  

We have an extraordinarily big cherry tree which looks amazing when it is covered in blossom. The photo of the little girl on the lawn was taken a couple of year's ago when a windy day made loads of the blossom drop all over the lawn. It was stunning so I grabbed my camera to take this photograph of my daughter who was happily collecting blossom petals. I love this photo because she is in her own little world and I managed to capture her and that beautiful blossom covered lawn.

You would think with so much blossom that we would get lots and lots of cherries but unfortunately that is not the case.  It seems that in my garden, the pigeons are really quite partial to getting one of their 5-a-day from the cherry tree.  They eat nearly all of them so we get a very meagre share!

The other image I have posted shows the lovely companionship between a child and its pet. I love taking this types of image because there is something rather romantic and wistful about looking at them sitting peacefully, quietly gazing into the distance.

I am very happy to include your dog in my family portrait shoots as I understand that they are part of your family.  We do have to choose a suitable location for the shoot to make sure that it is dog friendly.  Alternatively of course, you can have the shoot in your own garden as long as you are happy with the surroundings and background for your images.  Living in the countryside usually allows for great open spaces and lovely natural backgrounds. A garden where every shot showed your next door neighbour's greenhouse in the background would not be ideal!!

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