Natural light portrait photography shoot in Essex

Here are some shots from a recent family portrait shoot including Tinkerbell the pony! Click on the pics to enlarge. The children were very well behaved and very happy to jump around, smile and mess about for me, Tinkerbell was not quite so sure about the strange lady with the big camera.  With a little gentle persuasion however, and a couple of carrots, we were able to coax her to pose and get into a good position.  

This shoot was done in the garden at the family's home as they had a wonderful open space with several interesting nooks and crannies for me to use as backgrounds.  I had paid a quick visit a few days previously to scope things out so that I knew what to expect and was happy that we would be able to get some great shots at that location.  The children loved being outside especially climbing their favourite trees in the garden and bouncing around on the trampoline, so where they went, I went! We even had a bad joke telling competition...I am not sure who won...mine are appallingly bad but jokes made up on the spot by a 7 year old take some beating!

I recently found this on Twitter, it reminds me of my husband!  He has the most amazing ability to reel off bad joke after bad joke-does this come in the same package as bad dancing the moment you become a father?!

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Enjoy the sunshine...its actually like we are having a summer and everything!