Studio Portrait Photography with Children Essex Suffolk Cambridge

Here a some more shots that can now be found in my new Fine Art Studio Portrait Photography portfolio.  I am so excited to have taken this aspect of my photography to  another level.  I love doing the outdoor portrait photography shoots but that style of photography is not for everybody and also, it is weather dependent.  I have now set up a photography studio in a sunny light building in my garden at home.  I have a variety of backdrops that I use and have also collected a few props like dresses and hats for my clients to use and try on if they want to. Fine art studio portrait photography is great fun as you can go for the intense serious looks or you have have big smiles- it's up to you and your child...whatever suits their personality.  When I edit a shoot, I always ask the client whether they have a preference for colour or black and white photos or if they like a particular style of photo that they have seen in my portfolio...then I get started on the creative side! I love editing these shoots because I can create something really classic and unique.


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