Such fun today scoping out a new location for family portraits photo shoots

Its been a beautiful sunny day in Essex today. The skies have been really beautiful...amazing clouds.

Anyway, I have been scoping out a new location for family portraits shoots and I am really excited about today's discovery.  It is fantastic! All the things I love to get in my photos: beautiful scenery, lovely open spaces, long winding paths, gorgeous grass sprinkled with daisies and dandelions...oh my, I cannot wait to use this spot!  I am now going to go back without my own children so that I can plan the perfect route around this place that is  suitable for small children and also a bigger one that is suitable for older children. A great location for a family portrait is so important so that you can get a fantastic variety of images without have to traipse for's all in the planning.  That said, sometimes even with the best planning, a photo opportunity pops up out of the blue on a portrait shoot and my job is to watch carefully, spot them and snap away.  

My family portraits shoots are very relaxed as I just watch the family and especially the children so that I can catch those moments.  When this happens, you end up with magical shots because everyone is natural and relaxed and looking great. This makes for a really fun shoot and my clients always comment how much they enjoyed the shoot even though they may have been a bit camera shy in the beginning.  I have even had a dad tell me before the shoot that he would rather go and have his teeth pulled out but I was even able to gently bring him around and get some great family shots. And I know he was happy with them because the family shots with him in them were ordered!  

It's so important to consider having a family portrait session because time flies by so quickly that it is easy to forget to take photos of your family along the way.  And another thing I have learned from experience is that there will be virtually no photos that you have taken with everybody in the shot! Someone has to take the photo...let me do that for you and you will have some stunning photographic memories of a brilliant day together.


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Family photo shoot location