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Deborah Pendell CV & Bio

Deborah Pendell

Artist CV and Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am a self taught fine art photographer and have been creating thought provoking and metaphorical imagery for over a decade.

For many years, I created fine art conceptual photographic imagery for the book cover market, building a large portfolio of creative digital artwork which has been published globally. Working within this industry allowed me to grow creatively and be experimental with my photography and my digital work.

My artworks are both photographic and mixed digital media and I love to work in a wide range of genres - I don’t want to feel fettered by subject matter. My artwork reflects my love of colour, mood and metaphor, sometimes delving into the darker underbelly that I love to work with but also at times seeking to capture and create images with an ethereal, painterly quality.

I have exhibited and showed extensively as a photographic artist in the UK including solos shows and group exhibitions as shown in my bio below. I currently have work on exhibition throughout 2023 in two central London locations and in Paris. I regularly participate in The Other Art Fair in London and I have other exhibitions planned including one starting in London with Morgan Davies Art in November 2023.

My artwork is held in private collections both in the UK and overseas. I am represented by several art galleries, both physical and online, in London and the UK. My artwork has also been bought by interior designers and art consultancies in the UK and overseas for private client projects and larger projects including the Nobu hotel in Miami, the Virgin boutique hotel in Edinburgh and a boutique hotel in Dallas.

My work is now held in private collections in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA.

Artist Bio


February 2023 - Writ exhibition, Huntingdon Art Gallery

February 2023 - West Court Gallery, Cambridge University

February to December 2023 - Ensemble 02 Exhibition, Kroll Paris

February 2023 - won Women in Art/Holly Bush Women In Art prize bursary as part of ArtCan East, a group of female artists

March 2023 - The Other Art Fair, London

March-December 2023 - Chroma 02 Exhibition, London

May 2023 - Reverie exhibition, Cambridge

May 2023 - Sanctuary exhibition, as ArtCan East Anglia in Cambridge

June 2023- The Other Art Fair, London

June 2023 - Twitter Art Exhibit 2023

July 2023 - Michaelhouse Gallery, Cambridge September - October 2023- Solo exhibition, Huntingdon Art Gallery

October 2023- Cambridge Open Art Exhibition

October 2023 - Art Surrey

October 2023- The Other Art Fair, London

November 2023- Omnibus Exhibition, London with Morgan Davies Art

November 2023 - Manchester Art Fair with Artful Lens Collective November 2023 - Art Fair East, Norwich

Previous Years

December 2021- Art Fair East, Norwich

December 2021- Affordable Art Fair (my Artwork was Will Ramsay’s Pick of the Fair)

March 2022- Contemporary Art Fairs, Surrey

April 2022- Roy’s Art Fair, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

September 2022- New Artist Fair, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

October 2022- IDRC, City of London, permanent exhibition of 26 artworks

October 2022- Cambridge Open Art Exhibition

October 2022- London Photo Show exhibition

October 2022- The Holy Art Gallery exhibition, London

November 2022- Cambridge Art Cube solo exhibition

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