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About Deborah Pendell

I am a photographic artist creating contemporary limited edition fine art.

Much of my artwork celebrates and reimagines everyday, often nostalgic subjects and recreates these as contemporary artworks. I describe my work as ‘playing with pixels’ because every artwork starts life as a photograph that I have taken - I then work with the pixels until a new artwork is revealed.

My recent Stamp Collection celebrates the beauty of vintage postage stamps elevated with manipulation adding twists of contemporary pop art colour. My Vinyl Revival collection harnesses the tangible aesthetic of vinyl records with a modern day makeover.


I love to work in a wide range of genres - I don’t want to feel fettered by subject matter or style. My artworks reflect my love of colour, mood and metaphor, sometimes delving into the darker underbelly of graffiti and street art that I love to work with but also at times capturing and creating botanical images with an ethereal, painterly quality. 

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vinyl-collection-eighties-albums-warped-contemporary-fine-art-by-Deborah Pendell


For many years, I created fine art conceptual photographic imagery for the book cover market, building a large portfolio of creative digital artwork with my agent Arcangel Images, known globally for providing high-end artwork to the book publishing industry.

My work has been purchased by household names like Harper Collins and graces front covers of books by well known authors like James Patterson, Ian Rankin, Jodi Picoult and Dr Alice Roberts. Working within this industry allowed me to grow creatively and be experimental with my photography and my digital work.

My photography has also been sold globally through Getty Images and has been featured on giant billboards at Heathrow Airport and greeting cards in Marks and Spencer.

More recently, I changed my artistic direction as a photographer so that I could create digital artwork that was not constrained by the needs of the book cover market but where I could express myself freely and creatively by making limited edition art. This has been a fantastic journey for me, branching out into a range of photographic and digital genres.  

My limited edition artworks are now held in private collections in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA and I am represented by a number of UK galleries.


My artwork has also been bought by interior designers and art consultancies in the UK and overseas for private client projects and larger projects including the Nobu hotel in Miami, the Virgin boutique hotel in Edinburgh and a boutique hotel in Dallas.

To see my 2023 and previous exhibitions and art fairs, click here


In 2023, Artful Lens Collective (, was founded by three fine art photographers, Linda Chapman and Alessia Sissa and me, to exhibit together at major, highly regarded art fairs around the UK.




I am a member of ArtCanOrg, an organisation created by Kate Enters, to enable artists to get support and opportunities to exhibit and share their work. I am also the regional contact for ArtCan East Anglia. More information about it can be found here- ArtCan and on Instagram @ArtCanOrg

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