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Vinyl Record Wall Art- Eighties 1980s Music Prints!

Vinyl Record Wall Art by Deborah Pendell

I have a very fun collection of artworks in my Vinyl Revival collection that have been created by photographing different vinyl record collections of music from the 1980s. Eighties music is so popular- there is definitely a revival of interest in some of the amazing music that was made during the eighties. Even my 18 year old daughter knows lots of bands from this time. That is why I decided to create some fun vinyl record wall art.

New Wave (i) Vinyl Art by Deborah Pendell

Making this Vinyl Revival art collection was an enjoyable trip down memory lane as I pored through my friends' impressive vinyl record collections.

Eighties Playlist Warped vinyl artwork by Deborah Pendell

When I take these vinyl record artworks to art exhibitions and art fairs, so many people stop and comment with a nostalgic smile on their face!

I will be taking several of these artworks to my next art fairs so do pop long and have a look or take a look at the collection on my website by clicking here.

eighties music-vinyl-record-wall-art-fine-art-prints-deborah-pendell
The Queen is Dead Vinyl Art by Deborah Pendell

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