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Deborah Pendell's Stamp Collection Fine Art Prints

One of my new newest contemporary fine art collections is my Stamp Collection and I will be taking lots of these artworks to The Other Art Fair in London this week. This has been an extremely popular collection because everyone has a connection to somewhere around the world and the origin of each postage stamp artwork resonates with people.

I met a man this week who loved my stamp artworks that have been created using vintage Indian postage stamps - he said he grew up with those stamps and that they had a strong nostalgic connection for him. I have had so many lovely conversations with people about this collection because so often these stamps often have a real connection to people's past.

Stamp Collection artworks create an emotional reaction

That is how we should feel when choosing art for our walls- it should speak to us and create an emotional reaction. I love that my Stamp Collection artworks do this for people and I cannot wait to meet people at the Fair this week to talk about what these artworks means to them. To have a look at the contemporary stamp artworks currently available to buy online, please take a look here. You can also look at the gallery below to see some of the artworks in this collection.


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